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The Bits and Bytes For Coaches, Speakers, and Authors

We'll build your website in 2 weeks with our step-by-step course.

Did you say a course?

Yes! With our interactive course, we will encourage, educate, and guide you as WE build your website. You become part of the process.You'll never be at a loss on what to next. We found over the years that expecting you to know and have your information at the ready was not realistic.

It's a way to get what is in your head onto a website that you've delayed far too long.

Your first step is easy!

Watch our welcome video and get a sense of who we are and how we can help.

We'll provide templates, checklists, and worksheets. After each module, you'll provide the graphics and data we need from technology to logos to photos.

You'll never be at a loss on what to next.

Stuck? Get your website up and running.

Don't worry, we have the resources to get you unstuck. After 20 years building websites for all types of clients, we have helped them make great achievements with digital marketing!

You can do this!

Make a commitment. Take your idea to action.

  • Pre-Designed Gorgeous Themes

    We know you are unique and with a unique personality and voice. Your website should reflect that. We have built several, beautiful websites for you to choose from.

  • Website Care

    You want to worry about your clients, not your website. Let us keep your website running smoothly and error free. With weekly backups and security features, we'll be sure your website is the least of your worries.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Using your primary keywords, we'll make sure your website is optimized for the search engines. But we don't leave it there. We offer on-going options for continued digital marketing to capture those new clients.

  • You Learn While We Build

    Create your Blue Leaf account and sign up for your new Managed Website. The onboarding process is full of lessons to help you get started..

  • 90+ Training Videos

    We are here for you but we know that inspiration can hit you at any time. Why wait to ask someone to upload your content, we have training videos that can show you how to update your own website.

  • Your Own Google Account

    As part of any entrepreneur working online, it's important to use the tools that exist now. We incorporate a Google account with Analytics so you can measure and track your work. 

  • Capture New Leads

    Capture your prospects and stay in touch with your clients using online tools like MailChimp to continue the relationship but also capture new clients.

  • Performance Reports

    Your reports are written in plain English so you can make fast, informed decisions about your marketing based on how your website is meeting your business goals.

  • Be Part of A Community

    Be part of a community of other coaches, speakers, and authors as you all learn and grow together.

Affordable & Beautiful

Yes, you can have both!

Our years of experience have given us the unique opportunity of creating beautiful websites at affordable, monthly rates.

  • Fast Delivery With A Personal Touch

  • Exceptional Courses To Get You Started

  • Flexible Websites That Work For You

  • Supplemental Material & Resource

  • Monthly Webinars For Members

  • No Large Deposits - Low Monthly Fees *

  • Connect To Your CRM

  • Connect With Your Scheduling Tool

  • Managed Web Hosting **

  • 1 Year of Community Membership (Online group, insider guides, webinars, interviews)

  • 1 Year Contract
  • Email Through 3rd Party

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Getting Started

Find out what makes us different from other web services. We will truly walk you through the process and guide you. We've learned over the years that the biggest roadblock to your website is you. We'll take you from zero to win in one week.

Watch Our Short Webinar

Sample Websites

Take a look at some of our websites. We offer a slew of website designs for  you to choose from and customize. We get you started quickly but know you want something unique so we worked hard to give you a choice without overwhelming you.

View Our Websites

On-Going Support

This isn't a Do-It-Yourself system. We will build your website but guide you so we have the best result. Then we continue to work with you through weekly webinars where we have 10 minute presentation and 30 minutes of Q&A.

The Community
beating your competition

A Competitive Edge

With our unique websites geared just for your business and creative influence, you'll gain the competitive edge. We'll invite experts and others that have been there too. They'll share their wins and losses so you can learn through their experience.

Building A Community

Our ultimate goal is to build a community of influencers. We hope by sharing what works and doesn't work can help others. The smallest details can make the biggest difference. Knowing your not alone and others are also learning and succeeding can be a game changer.

Take Control

We'll build your website within 2 weeks but show you how you can keep it growing. With online courses and regular webinars, you have control over your own website and learn how to take advantage of the tools.

Can I Customize My Website?